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With Your Support, We Provide Free Skin Cancer Screenings


A  skin cancer screening is a visual inspection of your skin by a medical  professional. No blood work is conducted at a screening.

How much does the screening cost? 

Skin cancer screenings are free at our events. Our partner Dermatologists provide their time and expertise to conduct skin cancer screenings as a free service at We Rock Cancer events.

Who will provide the skin cancer screening?

Board-certified dermatologists committed to detecting skin cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage and reducing  incidence of the disease by raising awareness of effective skin cancer  prevention techniques.

How long will the screening take?

Screenings take approximately 10 minutes, including completing the paperwork and getting your skin checked.

Which areas of my body will be screened for skin cancer?

We often offer two different types of screening, depending on the setting and your personal preferences.  If the screening is in a private setting, a full-body screening can be provided if you desire. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends  full-body examinations whenever possible. If the screening is in a public setting with limited privacy, only exposed areas (face, neck,  arms, hands, etc.) will be visually inspected for skin cancer. 

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The American Cancer Society has more information regarding screenings that your doctor can conduct, and how to do a regular self-screening.

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